Water…Water…Water And More Water


It’s the first of the year and on my list of resolutions that always means drinking more water and giving up soda and Starbucks. At least this year I figured a way to kind of make myself think I’m drinking Starbucks a little by purchasing one of their refillable cups to put my water in! LOL What are some of the ways you get more water in everyday?


Training Wheels Gone Forever!


My daughter experienced another right of passage yesterday by learning to ride her bike without training wheels! Although this has been on my constantly evolving 1-1 moments list since January 1st, my husband and I decided to allow her to decide when to take the training wheels off. It seems to have worked out really well for us, she was up and riding within about 2 minutes without falling at all. Of course we had her covered head to toe with padding because that’s the kind of parents we are, and she didn’t even need any of it, how about that!

You know that feeling of rebirth and great possibilities you feel on January 1st every year? If today was 1-1, what moments would you like to create?