About Tammy

My name is Tammy and I am a wife for 14 years (and counting) to my wonderful husband Brian, mother to my awesome 7 yr old daughter Sophia, Pinterest addict, crafter, and ambitious cook. We all have stress in our lives and when people ask me how I stay motivated and in a good mood most of the time I tell them it’s because of my 1-1 motivators.  You know that feeling of almost rebirth and endless possibilities you feel on January 1st every year?  Why not start each day by asking yourself “What would I have on my to do list today if it were January 1st?” When I ask myself that everyday it really motivates me to try new things and stay motivated for the current projects that I am working on, almost like having a constantly evolving list of New Years resolutions I call my “1-1 motivators”.  I’ve decided to share some of my 1-1 motivators with my friends and hopefully motivate them to create some of their own no matter what the date is 🙂


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